Alphatax UK Spring 2016 Update

An update to the Alphatax UK Spring 2016 Release is now available. The main feature of this patch includes additional functionality within the Alphatax Tax Accounting module to facilitate the transition to new accounting standards in any period. Click here for more information on this update.

This update also provides solutions to the following:

  • E-filing failure
    In the Alphatax UK Spring 2016 edition users could fail e-filing in a scenario where a period spanned two financial years but no profits were attributed to the second financial year due to overall profits being very low. E-filing failure occurred when using CT600 (version 3) only, i.e. accounting periods starting on or after 1 April 2015. We have resolved the issue in this patch
  • Divisional consolidation: Carry forward issue
    On release of the Spring 2016 edition we became aware that Accounts Analysis prior period comparison values were not carrying forward as expected in divisional files (only). We have made changes to resolve the issue in this patch.
  • Accounts Integration – audit trail
    We have resolved an issue which caused Alphatax to crash when viewing the Import balances audit trail statement where this listed more than 32,767 items.